How to Setup a Green Screen

Setting up a green screen in OBS or SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS) can seem daunting at times, but in reality it’s Actually very simple, in this how to setup a green screen tutorial I will show you what you need and how to use it to effectively get a great green screen effect!

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how to setup a green screen

Step .1 Sheets

First Things First, You Will Need A Green Sheet, This Doesn’t Need To Be Fancy It Could Be A Ikea Bed Sheet As Long As It’s Green And Set Up Behind You, Your Be Fine.

Step .2 The Lights

The Next Step Is Lighting, And It’s One Of The Most Important Steps You Will Be Doing, You Need Great Lighting In Front Of You The Better The Light Source The Better Your Green Screen Will Work, I Use Two Ikea Lamps With Each Lamp Holding A 1k Lumens Led Light Bulb It Works Perfectly.

how to setup a green screen
how to setup a green screen

Step .3 Ready?

Now That Your Confident That You Have Your Green Screen In Place And Your Lighting Is As Good As It Possibly Can Be, Let’s Move On To OBS And SLOBS, I Will Use SLOBS But The Process Will Be Similar If Not The Same For OBS.

Step .4 Slobs

Open up SLOBS and right lick on your webcam in the sources and select Filters Once the box opens you will see under your webcam and plus + and minus – sign, click the plus + sign.

how to setup a green screen
how to setup a green screen

Step .5 Chroma Key

In here scroll down until you find Chroma Key, select it and click done.

Step .6 The Settings

now you have your chroma Key set its just a matter of optimizing your settings, here are mine for refferrance.

how to setup a green screen

I hope you found this quick tutorial helpful! have a great day and
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