How to Setup a Compressor Filter SLOBS / OBS

In this tutorial I’m going to show you How to Setup a Compressor Filter in oBS and SLOBS, to help boost the low volumes and decrease the high volumes from your mic, this will keep your voice at a steady level.

Knowing how to use the compressor filter in OBS / SLOBS will step up your professional stream game so lets get started!

Table of Contents


Step .1 Finding The Setting

open up SLOBS or OBS, next to your mic audio will be a cog wheel click on the cog wheel.

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

Step .2 The Menu

A menu should now pop up please select Filters

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

Step .3 Adding a Filter

A new window will pop up that will say No Filters Applied and to the left of that will be a plus + sign click the plus sign to continue

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

Step .4 The Filter

a new window will appear, click Filter Type and go down to Compressor select it then click Done.

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

Step .5 The Settings

A New Window Will Pop Up, Now Everyone Uses Different Settings For Their Mics Because Everyone’s Setups Are Different But These Are The Settings I Use Play Around With Them And See What Works Best For You!

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

Ratio: is the amount of compression or gain reduction applied to the mic signal.
Threshold: is when the signal reaches a certain level the compression will begin.
Attack: is how quickly it will react in ms to reach full gain.
Release: is how quickly in ms you want it to return to zero gain.
Output gain: is where you bring up the average level of the source.
Sidechain/Ducking Source: is when a compressor is added to an output device like your desktop.

Now we have the first compressor in place i like to put a second one i call a Limiter in place too just so that my audio is super tight, to do this follow the steps above until you get to Step .5

Step .6 The Limiter

The Limiter is in short a compressor with tighter settings, this will stop your audio from going over the thresholds you have chosen, here are my settings for Reference.

How To Setup A Compressor Filter

I Hope You Found This Quick Tutorial Helpful! Have A Great Day And
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